Wetland Park Birding Area

Birding Port Aransas-DucksLocated at the southern edge of Port Aransas the Wetland Park is an easy bird viewing area to find. The parking lot entrance is on State Hwy 361. Coming up from North Padre Island and Mustang Island the entrance is on the left hand side of the highway. The park is on the right hand side coming from town. A paved parking area is available making for a very short walk to the boardwalk viewing area.

The birding can be a bit finicky here at the Wetland Park. When rain has been slim the wetland area holds very little water. This limits bird species present at the park to seagulls, a few wading birds and small coastal birds. However, when the park has plenty of water many migratory and coastal birds will be present creating a great viewing area. It is easy to pull in a check conditions.

Birds seen here year round may include various herons, egrets, gulls and coastal birds. Waterfowl can be plentiful here during fall and winter months.