Paradise Pond

Tucked away off Cutoff Road the Paradise Pond can be easily missed while taking in the scenery of Port Aransas Shopping. However during the migration this unique freshwater wetland pond is not to be missed. Watch for the signs marking the Pond turnoff as they come up quick. If coming from the ferry turn right and proceed down a small road to the parking area. If coming from State Hwy 361 turn left on West Avenue G and follow the curve to Cutoff Road then a left once you see the sign for Paradise Pond.

The walk up to the Wetland Pond runs along a narrow private fence then turns onto an elevated boardwalk. The boardwalk takes visitors into a maze of trees and reeds upon the pond. A careful eye and patience will provide opportunity to see rare migratory species in the foliage at the pond. During seasons beside the migration the pond is a quite spot to visit.