Port Aransas Jetty

The longest jetty on Mustang Island provides the ability to walk out into the Gulf of Mexico. The cement bulkhead and walkway give way to large granite blocks that can make a walk to the end of the jetty difficult but certainly worth the trip. Located at the northern tip of Mustang Island the Port Aransas Jetty is adjacent the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. The other jetty seen across the ship channel is the St. Joseph's Island Jetty.

The Port Aransas Jetty may be accessed from Cotter Avenue or Beach Avenue. If coming from the ferry go straight Cotter as you exit the ferry landing. Proceed to follow Cotter past several restaraunts, businesses through a neighborhood then out to the Jetty. Notice as you approach the beach the University of Texas Marine Science Institute which is well worth visiting. If coming to the Port Aransas Jetty from State Hwy 361 the jetty can be reached by proceeding straight on S.H 361 which turns into Allister. Turn right off of Allister on to E Cotter Avenue and follow around to the Port Aransas South Jetty.

Once at the Jetty a variety of open water species such as gulls and terns may be on the jetty. Small shorebirds may be seen running and feeding along the waters edge. Looking to the Gulf one might see species such as Northern Gannet and jaegers. During all seasons birds may be observed feeding on the Gulf of Mexico. During the winter months significant waterfowl are seen rafting and flying over Gulf waters.

Overnight camping is available at the public campgrounds for a fee.