Aransas Pass Park

Conn Brown Harbor Point Park

Aransas Pass has long served as a save harbor for Gulf of Mexico shrimp boats. Conn Harbor is the Harbor of these marvelous vessels that bring in their treasures from the deep Gulf of Mexico waters. The shrimp boats navigate deep channels in from the Gulf of Mexico through the Port Aransas and St Josephs Island jetties. So do Fish! Conn Harbor positions anglers at just the right spot to take advantage of deep waters meeting shallow waters or bait fish meeting redfish. Conn Brown Harbor Point Park has a free public fishing pier, protected boat ramp and a bait and tackle shop.

Aransas Pass Community Park

The Aransas Pass Community Park is home to the communities public parks. The Aransas Pass Aquatic Center is at the park. The Aransas Pass Community Park is also home to the Aransas Pass Shrimporee.

Birds of Aransas Pass Aransas Pass Fishing Pier Conn Brown Harbor Fishing Pier