Lighthouse Lakes Paddling Trails

Lighthouse in Aransas Pass TexasThese trails are some of the best in the Aransas Pass and Port Aransas trail system. These four loops that make up the Lighthouse Trails are rivaled only by the Shamrock Cove Loop trail. Multiple trails allow kayaks to slide with ease through protected crystal clear waters. No motor driven boat traffic will be encountered once you are in the Lighthouse Lake trail system. However be careful of recreational and commercial boats when crossing the Aransas Channel to enter the trail system from the launch site.

Aransas Lighthouse Lakes LaunchAccess to the Lighthouse Lakes Paddling trail is about 4-5 miles from Aransas Pass, Texas. The The entrance to the launch site is off of State Hwy 361 before reaching the ferry landing to access Port Aransas. Make a left off the causeway to the launch site. Be careful as to which launch point you are at as some require you to pay a small fee while the launch site further up the road to east is free. The free site has limited parking. Look for the blue roofed information kiosk if you want to launch here.

Kayaking Aransas Paddling TrailsBefore you launch be sure to buy a map of the trails at a local retailer. A map is located at the public launch site but it is nice to have you own one your on the trails. Once you have parked and are ready to launch you will have to paddle across the Aransas channel to enter the Lighthouse Lakes Trail system. The Aransas Channel has some depth and can be a little rough (especially when a shrimp boat pushes through)but is a short paddle across.

Lightouse Lakes SignCome prepared to experience South Texas saltwater fishing at its finest. The shallow Lake trails, inlets and coves provide outstanding site casting and fly fishing. Oyster reefs, hard sandy bottoms and sea grass beds provide plenty of cover for fish. Expect to have an experience to remember. Bird watchers will find the Lighthouse Lakes as rewarding as fishermen.

Practice Safe Kayaking

Where a life jacket, bring a compass, bring plenty of water and let someone know where you are going. Weather can change fast on the island so be prepared.